How to Pick Great Pocket Sprung Mattress

Buying best pocket sprung mattress took me hours of research and lots of trial, but just because i wasted my time, it doesn’t mean others have to do so as well. That’s why i want to write quick comprehensive buying guide for those shopping online for pocket sprung mattresses that will be worth the money and last for years.

How to Choose Good Pocket Sprung Mattress?

The most important issue while buying online is that you can’t physically touch the mattress and determine its firmness. Some people prefer very firm mattresses, while others want to sleep in a cloud. That’s why some people prefer to buy mattresses locally, but buying them on the internet has several advantages as well. First of which, is price. Retailers have to store and maintain these mattresses, while internet retailers like Amazon have them storepocket sprung mattressd in warehouses which requires less money, so Amazon can provide lower price for almost all pocket sprung mattresses, which makes up for the flaw that you can’t touch product physically. And after all, if you are already familiar with mattresses and you have determined your favorite level of firmness, it’s easy to choose best pocket sprung mattress for you, since product descriptions usually provide such information. Prices online range from 100 to 500 pounds, so you can probably tell that there are bunch of varieties of these. Pocket sprung single mattress usually sells for the cheapest price, making it one of the customer’s favorite. But most people don’t know that single pocket sprung mattresses aren’t nearly as comfortable as pocket sprung double mattresses and others. I personally bought double, because it isn’t much more expensive than single one, and it surely provides much higher level of support and comfort for my back. I also found out that product of my choice was handmade in UK, which was a deal breaker for me, because i really wanted to support UK by buying locally made mattress.
I didn’t have urgent need for a new mattress, so i asked customer support to deliver mattress on saturday, when i had a break from my job, and they did. So it was really great having that opportunity which i didn’t have last time i purchased mattress from Amazon. Mattress was very heavily packaged, so i could tell company cared about the customer and product i was receiving. The delivery guy was very helpful and helped me to move mattress to my bedroom for no extra cost.
Most pocket sprung mattress reviews recommended this product, saying it was well worth the price. And it was on sale, so i didn’t hesitate that much about it. I’d rather spend a little more on high quality mattress now and use it for 5-10 years, than spend less on some garbage that will barely survive after a year or so. And quite frankly, two hundred pounds isn’t that much of an investment compared to joy of a good sleep.
I could also tell the product was the high quality because i saw it listed as best pocket sprung mattress on various websites, and manufacturer also provided me with 5 years of warranty. So what did i have to lose? Thanks for reading my mattress buying guide review if you did.

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